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I don’t disagree but the law should be based on an individual’s impairment. Nobody wants people out on the road drunk or stoned (at least I don’t).

The problem with testing for cannabis as opposed to alcohol is that, as the law currently exists, there is no real correlation between testing positive and actual impairment. A blood alcohol level is a pretty fair indication of someone’s impairment.

Politician love “zero tolerance” laws to sound tough on crime. Zero tolerance for cannabis just means that thousands of unimpaired drivers will be charged with DUI. Even if you don’t care about the repercussions for individuals, that is a huge waste of time, money and law enforcement resources, IMO.


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Yes but slurred speech or any common symptoms from his reported ADHD and dyslexia would not warrant the staff’s threats to physically restrain him and giving him a shot of Zyprexa involuntarily. I have a strong feeling that there is behavior on his part that we’re not hearing about.

Did it warrant the reaction from staff, medication and an involuntary commitment? I think we would need to hear both sides of the story to make an informed judgment.


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Something about this story does not sound right. The guy had been working as a charge nurse in a psychiatric hospital where everyone was aware he had some form of disability yet after one incident the entire staff mistakes his behavior for a drug induced psychosis???

I have a feeling there is more to this story than the article portrays.


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I like this at least in theory. It allows state employers to more freely consider an applicant’s education, job or military history and anything else relevant for hiring without blocking someone for lacking formal education.

I don’t know how much civil service tests are still used but they’re not a great tool. I got hired as a Case Manager many years ago based on my civil service test score and scored worse when I took it again after doing the job for two years!


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The U.S. military (and others) have never missed an opportunity to weaponize any new invention from nuclear fission to biological weapons to LSD to the internet. You can bet someone, somewhere is already working on arming these type of robots to kill people and break things.