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Would I eat my pet? No. But that’s a ridiculous question. I don’t eat any animals of that class. Also these people aren’t eating the giraffe themselves. They’re feeding it to another animal.

Would I object to my pets corpse being fed to a lion? Of course not. That’d be absurd.

Also these aren’t pets.

And of course this didn’t happen. I’m just pointing out it’s no more morbid than anything in nature or anything the lion keepers do daily.

Edit I’ll point out many people are signing up to have their bodies turned into composte for trees and such: literally becoming food for plants. This seems to be a you problem.


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I still don’t understand why that is morbid.

Now obviously the zoo isn’t doing this. Animals are on regimented diets.

But it’s not morbid at all. Farmers routinely eat the animals that they personally cared for. I get people like to think of meat as something from a factory but it had a face once. And I’m guessing most, if not all, of the lions’ diets consist of meat. The people who take care of them know that.


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I would not do what /u/munchnerk recommended at all. Reschedule jury duty. They're desperate for people a lot of the time. They may let you go, but it's a big risk. They don't have to. Especially given you knew about this ahead of time and could have scheduled around it. Many trials will go longer than a day.


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> I think people enjoy living here is because it's generally pretty useful.

Many neighborhoods have grocery and hardware stores. Hampden offered a good mixture of fun and practical. The fun has diminished with the avenue stores closing imo. That’s my point. There was a balance and it’s being lost.


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Who is talking about preventing certain types of places from being on the avenue?

Did you just get all angry about comments you made up in your head. Because I never said nor implied

>certain types of businesses shouldn't get to be on the avenue.

Just that I was disappointed that a bunch of stores have left and non-stores took their place. That there are now fewer stores. That's it. That's the post.

Imagine if you went to a zoo and they sold all their mammals. It's still a zoo. But you can still be bummed there aren't lions and elephants and stuff. That doesn't mean you hate birds.

Did everyone forget how to read today?


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Wow. That’s just special. Why don’t you want me visiting? Can’t tolerate someone with a different view from you?

Cotton duck absolutely provides a service. But it takes away from the avenue. I’m sorry you don’t have the neighborhoods best interest in mind and want to keep the neighborhood purity or whatever. People who believe in “purity” tend not to like me (or really any Jews) anyway. Something a bunch of people in hampden can work on.

I’ve found butchers hill a lot more, accepting and warm.


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You don’t think the avenue exists to provide entertainment through goods and services to locals and tourists? Lol.

I know where they were. A tiny little place past where most people go. They’re now in a big place that used to be fun.

Lived in hampden over a decade. Never used them once. But I’m sure they’re tons of fun. 🙄

People used to like visiting in part because hampden was fun. Now? Meh.


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My point is that even though they serve food I don’t think of them primarily as a restaurant. It’s an actual activity in addition to eating, something that Hampden needs.

Lots of shops are closing down. Seem to be being replaced by restaurants or some weird legal title company or whatever is in Trov