ExperienceNo7751 OP t1_j57vmm8 wrote

Bullshit. No one anywhere is complaining about places running out, in fact I see nothing but tons of options at the usual places I go.

There’s not going to be any demand with these prices. Everyone will go back underground for good prices.

I’m literally going to make a trip into the city just to save nearly 40%.


ExperienceNo7751 t1_j2cenzn wrote


Seems quite odd that one state would set prices over +2000% higher!?

$450 or $7200 for the SAME product!?

“Theeese legislators must be ignorant to economics for their people or they’re on the same side as the existing underground cartels”


ExperienceNo7751 t1_iy4vlp2 wrote

Cannabis should be legal at 25 years old globally, no restrictions. It’s affect on a young developing brain are not desirable in chronic doses, which younger or less experienced users are more susceptible to than older mature adults who have hopefully already figured out how to manage other mind altering substances.