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Yup. Works great. As of the iPhone 14, the US models are eSIM-only though.

Some years there are also differences in frequency bands the radios can operate on. It often depends on the year, but if they can’t design an antenna/radio system that supports every frequency in common use, they’ll offer phones with antenna/radio systems best suited to specific markets.

Even when your device can’t use every local frequency band though, it almost always still works well generally. My 13 Pro Max gets LTE or 5G almost everywhere here. Does it support every frequency that Portuguese carriers use? That I don’t know.


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> You pay the money, you get the membership. They don’t restrict it to certain people.

You say that but you take one shit — ok ok — two shits in the rotisserie chicken station and all of a sudden you’re “no longer welcome at Costco” and “under arrest” and “deported from Canada.”


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File a police report. The shipper should have the original serial number, which can be remotely traced to who activated it. It's a criminal matter, not merely something to complain to a company about.


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Interesting. Knowing about that mapping is what I was missing. And so these Photoshop files (PSD) have the Pantone colors in the file data, not just the RGB values? So then when you display the file, it has to map to the color system the computer users? Is that accurate?

At this point, do you expect an "open standard" to replace Pantone or is there just too much investment?


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Thanks for the explanation.

So when you use a Pantone color in Photoshop, there's extra data there about what inks to use, etc? It's not just the RGB value stored in the file, it's the actual Pantone color?

So for example, if I have a Photoshop file with Pantone colors and I take that file to a printers, they know how to print it better than RGB? Is that fair to say?


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Managing expectations is, in my experience, good in almost any circumstance. I guess if someone asked me “do you want exactly the color you have on this sample,” yes seems like an obvious answer unless you know the trade offs.

It’s like FedEx asking whether you want your package delivered the same day it’s shipped. Sure, why not?


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Thanks for the explanation.

So was the CMYK conversion impossible or just rushed? Like if you took the Pantone color you wanted to a color matching computer or something, and printed out a CMYK, they’d still be different?

And how does this work for a computer file? The computer monitor, even if a very high end one, still just has glowing primary color pixels. If I screenshot an old Photoshop open with Pantone colors, the screenshot should look identical on screen, but it would be different printed out?