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Although I believe that the man would probably have committed suicide even without talking with an AI, people must be told that all those ChatBots are not superior intelligences, they are only as reliable as your facebook feed.

Provided with the right questions, any AI ChatBot can be made to deny the very existence of humans on Earth.

With the right questions, any AI ChatBot can tell you that dogs eat nothing by unicorn meat...

I think the problem with AI is that we call it "Artificial Intelligence" when the only intelligence found yet in AI resides in the brains of the programmers and code writers behind the projects.

Will we invent true "general artificial intelligence" one day? Maybe, but it is not yet here and probably won't be for another few decades.

And if we manage to ever invent true artificial intelligence, we must be prepared to also invent artificial psychiatrists because true AI will be prone to the same "mental illnesses" as everyone else, will be prone to lie, to greed, to laziness and even to anger... You could interact with a true AI only to find out that AI really doesn't like you and wants to kick your ass. /s


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Not a good idea... India's currency has consistently lost value to other currencies since India's independence in 1947.

In the past ten years, in 2013, 53 Rupees were required to buy 1 USD, in 2023, 82 Rupees are required to buy 1 USD.

In 1947, only 3.3 Rupees were required to purchase 1 USD... So in the last 76 years, the Rupee lost 96% of its value compared to the USD.

In the same period, since 1947, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) only lost 27% of its value and nobody is suggesting making the CAD into a reserve currency.

Any Indian investor whop spent his Rupees buying American dollars 10 years ago has gained a 54.7% profit. That's a solid 5.5% yearly gain. That is more than the average yearly 4.4% stock market return over the last 10 years. The Rupee cannot even beat the stock market...

What if India and China get involved in an armed conflict?

to know what would happen to the Rupee, just look at what happened to the UAH (Ukraine), in 2014 and in 2022 because of the 2 Russian invasions, over 10 years it lost 83% of its value... (source).

So if China and India get into an armed conflict, which they are likely to do, expect the value of the Rupee to be cut by half within days of the start of the conflict.

Making the Rupee into a reserve currency is dumb since it has always consistently lost value compared to other currencies because the goal of a reserve currency is to hold the one currency that does not lose value while all other currencies collapse.

Switching to the Rupee is a recipe for complete and utter economic disasters for those who move away from the USD.


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Any FPS that relies on precision and speed like Counter-Strike, COD, Fortnite, Overwatch, where precision aiming, spinning 180 degrees to shoot the guy behind you can be accomplished with a small movement of the mouse. Turning around in VR is a pain in the butt.

Any MOBA like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2, where precise movements on a map would not work in VR.

Most sports games like FIFA, NHL, NBA where players have an overhead view of the playing field are ill-suited for VR.

RTS games like Starcraft II, Age of Empires...

Most MMO games like World of Warcraft where having an wide field of view (hovering camera) is essential.

Any isometric platformer or longitudinal platform games.

Most Combat games like Smash, Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal combat.

The best games for VR are :

  • Horror themed shooters where the point is to be afraid.
  • Exploration FPS like the Half Life series where problem solving is the point and where you do not get points for kills.
  • Simulators, like car racing, flight simulator, surgeon simulator and other "niche" simulator games.

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I tried VR several times, it was cool but cool as in going on a roller coaster ride is cool.... As I don't see myself riding a coaster for hours at the time or every day of my life, the same applies to VR.

If you spent every day riding a roller coaster for hours, it would stop being cool...

Well VR is like that, once you experienced it for a bit, it loses its novelty appeal and the large headset becomes an annoyance, just like driving to the theme park to ride a coaster is an annoyance.

I see VR being useful for architecture, engineering and other jobs where "travelling" through a 3D mock up of your design can be interesting.

But the truth of everything is that computer screens work well enough that nobody is going to go through the trouble of wearing a VR headset.