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Poppy seeds need to freeze or they won't germinate efficiently, they like to get scattered in the Fall. Bee Balm on the other hand is hard to kill and germinates\propagates like crazy, though seeds are very vulnerable to drying out fully as they sprout. If you have a way, it does much better from divided transplants or even rootball once the frost is gone


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Poppies and most hardy seeders, Columbine, Nasturtium, Borage, Bee Balm\Bergamot, Morning Glory, etc will do fine Fall seeding and overwintering, Also, Potatoes and Garlic, plant in the Fall. Bulbs such as Lily, Hosta, Peony, etc do well along the coast anyway, maybe elsewhere they need cover to overwinter.

Indoor-start seeds; Basil, Sunflower, Cannabis, Cukes\Zuccs, Tomatos, Cilantro\Parsley, Peppers including Chilis. The other stuff; we just get seedlings at a nursery.

As others have said, almost all varieties of Peas and Beans including ornamentals like Runner Beans can get planted from seed as soon as the ground is workable, Mid May-ish usually (not that our climate has been predictable lately). We like to stagger planting rows every 3 weeks until end of June so they produce all Summer.


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I'm no NIMBY. But, at the same time, this is not what we want for our state, from a man who's lived in corporation-ravaged areas of other states. Until controls are in place negating the catastrophic consequences of mining, Mainers shouldn't even consider extracting. Lithium for example; recyclable, but more economically viable to simply mow down mountains to extract new, paying fines when forced to do so. That needs to change, or remain illegal in Maine.

Unless you long for Maine to look (and smell) more like the I95 corridor through New Jersey.

And, to make it political (sorry I know people hate that but..) I feel like this will become a political football, with every GOP candidate for Governor looking to invite corporate mining companies to the party. Years of commercials about the benefits and jobs, demonizing everyone who want to 'kill Maine's economy', without telling people how similar mining projects have left uninhabitable wastelands across the world, some of which you can visit right here in the US.