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This thread is really showing how conservative the Democratic Party actually is. I know some of the people cheering this on have signs in their yard and pink hats in their closets.

The absolute freak out over the most basic criminal Justice reforms (that actually would bring us in line with other states) would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

Welcome fascist interference with your home city at your own risk is all I’m saying.


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Only in a society with very high levels of wealth inequality.

The risk of committing a violent crime or even a property crime isn’t what stops most people from commuting that crime. Rather it’s a lack of necessity and aversion to violence/immorality.


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Cash. With the only string attached being don’t commit violent crime. If the only consideration is preventing violent crime, then identifying those likely to commit the crime and paying them not to will always be the cheapest, most effective, and most humane way to prevent crime.

There might be good reasons for a government not to do that, but none of those reasons are related to crime prevention.