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I work with people who are exactly like what I am talking about, and have interacted with their friends as well. So yeah, this is a little bit of an anecdotal personal bias. The same people who complain about how expensive everything is are actually spending way too much money on low cost "luxuries" they don't actually need. Yes, we should be making more than we make, but we also know that just means things are going to get more expensive. As a country we overconsume too much. I'm not above what I'm talking about either. I have always been overweight, but now that my personal budget is being tightened I have cut back on the types of food I buy at the grocery store and takeout/dineout. I have managed to lose a good amount of weight in a short period of time and have more money at the end of the month. People need to make lifestyle changes.


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I guarantee you some of these people you are talking about might just need to re-evaluate their spending habits to stay where they are. Y'know, those people who make 35k a year who have a 50k car or go on multiple vacations every year. A lot of the people complaining about not being able to afford anything might need to consider their expectations are a little bit whack for their income.


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What if... and hear me out... this being an option for them allowed them a chance to get on their feet and fix themselves.

As long as there is an option to kick out the people who aren't actually doing anything and are just soaking up a subsidized space to bunker down it while being strung out, I'm all for it.

You might just be an ahole for thinking this as loudly as you did.


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Yeah, that's what I want to have when I live in a city where people constantly having catalytic converters stolen from their cars. A nice and not inexpensive electric charger right alongside the road sounds perfect. I'm sure they would last long.

I'm all for the electric car revolution, however I worry about the practicality and logistics of charging stations when you don't live in a single family home, and nothing you or the other person replying to me has said eases my concern.


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I'm not going to respond to the racism aspect of your reply, because I firmly believe in equal rights for all and preach nothing but love for all people who try to do the right thing. I will say I that I don't actively root for people like this to be hurt, however I'm not going to act like they haven't brought this upon themselves and don't feel bad for them when they get hurt.

However, as far as building a legal place inside the city of Providence for them to ride, I believe very firmly you are wrong. The people you see out riding the bikes on public streets (and certainly not just in Providence) are not going from point A to point B to relax and chill with their like-minded friends, they are riding completely illegally on city streets with no regard for basic standards of care on the road. They frequently do not wear helmets, have no safety equipment (lights, signals...) on them, and do not pay to register them with the state. They fly through red lights, perform wheelies or other tricks going the wrong way in traffic, ride on sidewalks and bike paths and will even cut through city parks to get to where they want to be. These are not the activities of kids looking for a legal place to ride, as there have been adults seen mixed in with the kids out causing the same mayhem.

The kids I grew up with who rode dirt bikes never rode on public roads to get to the riding spots, other than to cross the roads. Yes, they rode illegally on public/private land often, but the truth is that doing that bothers no one except the property owners. Sometimes they would ride along the roads if it wasn't an easy crossing, but it wasn't for long periods of time. The ones I knew that rode in the legal spots typically needed to transport them there, pay to use those spots and ad to have a full set of safety gear. They also needed to follow the rules of the tracks because there was many people of different skill levels using them.

If the communities got together and agreed to build a dirt bike park, do you actually see the person leaning back on 2 wheels on a quad with no helmet loading up their equipment into the back of a trailer and transporting it to the facility, then paying a use fee and being fully in compliance with the rules asked of them? Black, white, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, or any other type of way a person can be identified, you don't need to see the future to understand that a dirt bike facility would never be utilized by the people we are talking about now. At the end of the day, ATV's have very little practical use anywhere, let alone a city. There is no need to cater to city dwelling ORV riders in a fucking city.

I'm pretty sure you're just using race as a way to bait people.

And as for them being stolen or not... c'mon man, do you really think dozens of teenagers and young adults are riding around on legally bought $1000 pieces of equipment? Be honest with yourself.


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It's 35 feet from my front door, which no one in the building uses, to the street. It is 125 feet from the garage, which no one has exclusive use to use. The driveway is 125 feet long and is only wide enough for one car, and the live-in landlord has exclusive parking except for snowstorms. The spaces in front of our building allow for 2 cars to park, but are shared with the 2 dozen or so other neighbors that live around us. There is also a sidewalk that would need to be crossed in order to charge the car.

If 7 cars were to need to be charged, how do you see that working?


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Why do a bunch of city dwellers need special areas for riding dirt bikes? They aren't the dirt bike kids from the sticks riding the powerlines, this is transportation and enjoyment for them. If the city bought a plot of land and turned it into a dirt bike track it would be empty and unused and these people would still be riding around the city doing dumb shit.