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I don't know anything about mining, but I wonder if some sort of pantograph and overhead wires along the more permanent sections of road could work. I would think the active mining end of the route might be too dynamic to be electrified, or at least would require some easily movable tower system. There have been locomotives that run on partially electrified routes for quite some time - they are able to raise a pantograph and switch to electric from diesel while moving.

Would it be worth the effort?


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> In total, 39 Facebook accounts, two Groups, 16 Pages and 26 Instagram accounts were said to be involved in the network, which spent around $2,500 on Facebook ads.

Yea, sure, proof it was official? The DoD has 1.3 million active duty service members, 770,000 National Guard and 740,000 directly employed civilians (not subcontractors). That a few of them got together on their own and do this from their work computers is not unreasonable.