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The photos are gorgeous, but the lifestyle isn't. Remember you're only seeing the most cherry-picked and heavily-edited results, not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to whats involved in capturing them. Not shown are hours of hiking, numerous blisters and bug bites, wild goose chases based on wrong directions, cloudy days, car troubles, hunger, fatigue, illness, gear problems, deadlines, etc, etc.


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Forget trying to improve it, modify it, deal with it, or understand it better, just cut out everything and everyone that's even midly inconvenient and your resulting life will be so much better.


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This isn't really uplifting news, because domestic US sugar production is an unmitigated environmental disaster that is currently devastating Florida, including the Everglades. Reducing imports is just what they want, since it'll make us even more dependent on their product. We'd be far better off supporting slavery than contaminating water that ~20 million people rely on.


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I'm late to the party, but I do have a partial answer for you. Here is a coin from my personal collection that was minted in 1719 in South America, and was still in circulation in the Central American Republic ~150 years later (as evidenced by the countermark in the upper left). Hell, you can still find Indian Head pennies in circulation here, and they stopped in 1909. A couple hundred years of use isn't at all out of the question