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If you make a post with what you're looking for you'll get many good suggestions. Or there is the suggestion sticky. Nebo isn't inherently bad, there are just many better and without the proprietary charging port. (many now use USB c)


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Forgot she left the plug in but conveniently took the remote?

Didn't notice the plug over night, while getting ready, driving to work, at work?

Either the plug was in on purpose and accidentally got turned on, or this is creative writing.


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One thing I'll say about the Moab 2 is that they have various levels of waterproofing. They sell ventilated ones for dry summer hiking, standard, goretex, winter/ice ones.

This wouldn't change your comfort issues, but for you or anyone else reading this looking it's something good to be aware of.


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> I actually had my first kiss when I was fifteen, and that was the extent of my sexual experimentation. It took years for me to get the courage to touch a man over his jeans, let alone below the belt.

>When I was sixteen, I had my first real boyfriend. Like teenagers do, we’d get a little handsy, and I let him guide me with intimacy. He was my only source of info for what guys liked, so when he instructed me how to give a handjob, I believed him.

First kiss as 15

Took me years to touch a guy below the belt

1 year later giving hand fist jobs

Checks math......


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Ok yep, I think I'm correct.

Leave the white alone

The bottom black are line. One is hot and the other goes to another switch. The top one goes to your load (lamp fan etc)

The switch looks older. I suggest getting a new single pole switch and wire it exactly the same. FYI some new switches won't have the insert and screw, so you would just put both wires in the bottom on the same screw (with a pig tail)

Ground (bare copper) goes back on the ground.

Make sure when you stuff it all back in the box the ground doesn't hit either of the screws. That can cause a breaker to pop.


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3 white are common, they should be connected together and not tied to the switch.

One of the stabbed wires is the load and one is the line. That's normal. The 3rd on the screw is either a continuation of the load or the line, it'll be the same as the screw it is closest to.

Your suggestion of connecting all the black together and white together and having them on one switch is a very wrong idea. Do not do that.

You need to figure out which breaker controls this switch

Figure out which wire is the the line (power supply) will be hot with the switch off.

Then figure out which line is the load.

There is a chance your switch itself is just failing and you need to replace it. But do NOT change the wiring unless you absolutely know what you're dealing with.

If you have any photos it'll be helpful