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I'm just another wage slave who's spending power has decreased by 10% in half a year, I am just going off what can be learned from what economists say and what seems reasonable to expect from past experiences. Pretty much just as you do.

I just don't see, specifically regarding the fed rates, what else they could have done; because pumping trillions more into the banks is exactly what ended us up here.


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The fed can't raise taxes. They have said, pretty explicitly, "If noone else is going to do anything useful, we are going to have to do what we can".

Biden has proposed increasing capital gains tax, but for one congress moves too slow, and secondly the republicans will block it anyways.

Raising interest rates does affect large borrowers more, and most large-scale transactions are debt financed. It's not ideal for specific problems, like the housing market, but it will achieve the goal of cooling the economy.


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It's a play on a rotten apple spoils the bunch. If 1 trial out of 10000 gets an automatic pass, then the system is rigged, that sort of thing.

The problem here is what "being rigged" means. It's not enough to have a flaw in the system, the system must be intentionally designed to give unequal outcomes.

So unless I am given further proof that the trial system was designed such that big pharma can bypass it at a cost, I am saying that it isnt rigged.