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As noted, helmets are not BIFL as they need to be replaced every 3-4 years. Plus safety improvements happen.

There are two authoritative sources that test helmets: Consumers Reports magazine rates them every year or two. And Virginia Tech university tests them regularly. MIPS is a key feature.


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I've been using the Wahl Peanut for about 20 years. It was recommended by my hair stylist. After ten years my first one burnt out. So far the current one is doing fine. Just needs a drop of oil every few weeks.


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I have some friends who perhaps are of the same religion as your wife. Did you ask her what some of her co-religionists do on holidays? Where I live they have a party the next day and it's still a lot of fun. That would have worked for you.

The bigger problem here is that you either don't know your wife all that well or you do and you just didn't respect her needs over your own social requirements. Get with the adult husband program man!


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Haflinger slippers are comfy. I’ve had both popular sole types over the past ten years. A pair of either type only lasted me two years maximum. The wool seams fall apart eventually and holes develop near the front. Last year my wife got me a pair of Uggs Tasman which are similar. These too appear headed for the trash bin after two years of heavy use.


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The reason your work buddy is pursuing you is that frequently boyfriends come and go. Your continued engagement with him about non-work matters clearly communicates your interest in him. It also unconsciously communicates your uninterest in your current boyfriend--do you talk about him (or the things you do together) much when you are with the work guy?

Plus, your newer comments about your blah relationship, well hell, looks like you are window shopping for boyfriends. Too bad you work together.


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One thing to be aware of is if you expect to purchase an induction stove within the near future. These require cookware that has magnetic properties.


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Before spending a lot of money, consider the possibility that you will be purchasing or using an induction stove within the coming years. Non magnetic pots like Revere Ware don’t work. We ended up replacing several pots. Induction stoves are the best in my long experience and will become more mainstream yearly. So, consider an induction-ready set of pots, get individual pots that are the best in class. For Revere Ware kinds of uses, we’ve been happy with La Chantel. A bit over-engineered, but even cooking.