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> Keep in mind, Israel has killed over 60 Palestinians since the beginning of 2023 including up to 16 children.

The vast majority of whom were engaged in combat when they were killed (either fighting soldiers or attacking civilians). Whereas there two people killed were sitting in a car in traffic.

> Israeli forces raided refugee camps where people are living in squalor.

Because that’s where the terrorist groups are largely located.

> They're raiding people's homes in an attempt to scare them out.

How do you propose one should arrest someone who is in a house?

> Israeli forces have killed journalists and doctors, and beaten up human rights advocates.

In very small numbers, especially compared to other conflicts. That also has nothing to do with this.

> And yet we still reserve the word terrorism only for Palestinians.

No we don’t. There are Israeli terrorists like Baruch Goldstein and Jewish terrorist groups like the Kahane group that have been banned in Israel.


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Sadly, it will be very difficult for it to turn into a real revolution unless part of the army switches sides or western countries are able to arm the protesters. The regime knows it’s fighting for its life. They used to mock the Shah for stepping down semi-voluntarily; they won’t do the same thing.