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To be fair a lot of the plates people are calling fake are completely valid or were valid in the past. We run the plates through a national database check. So a expired Virginia plate that was issued 4 years ago to a Chevy that is now on a Audi is not fraudulent in the eyes of the law. It’s just an expired plate on a unregistered vehicle. Now if I run a temporary NJ tag and I get a response from the system as “no record found” that would indicate that the tag is likely fraudulent. If It comes back as expired or belonging to another vehicle that’s a violation but not fraudulent. Obscured plates are a parking summons, unless they are obscured with the intention of avoiding a toll. In that case it’s theft of service.


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True, but they would rather not deal with the time constraints and whatever else goes into that process. They don’t want to come out for a car that’s going to sit in the lot taking up space. We are not allowed to tell them what kind of car they are getting. So from the tow operators point of view they could be getting a 30 year old piece of junk which it likely is if PD is calling.


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Rotation tow are private tow companies. They are trying to run a business and the only way that business makes money is if people come and retrieve their towed cars. Abandoned cars and cars with fugazi tags are less likely to get picked up.

I have no idea what’s going on with sanitation lately. Pre-Covid they were great with removing abandoned vehicles. I haven’t seen them remove a single car from my precinct this year.


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Brooklyn cop here. Part of my assignment is dealing with exactly these types of complaints. I respond to these calls daily directly as they come into the system or following up a few days after they are closed. The problem I’m facing is that people are leaving cars parked for extended periods of time with no plate and the vin obstructed. We cannot issue a summons to a car without a vin or a plate so we cannot summons tow it through the department. When I try to have these vehicles towed via rotation tow the tow companies either tell us that the yards are filled to capacity or that they don’t have a tow available (both of these scenarios are likely bullshit but either way they refuse to come out). As for blatantly derelict vehicles sanitation absolutely refuses to tow and dispose of cars. Not sure what has changed on their end but they pretty much just defer the derelict vehicle back to the precinct for rotation tow and rotation tow is not available or refuses to come out. The fake plate issue is out of control. The long story made short for fake plates is that the DA will not prosecute forged/fraudulent instrument cases unless the defendant straight up admits to creating and displaying the plate on his/her car. We went heavy on enforcing them a few years ago and most cops have since stopped due to the risk of lawsuits when the DA inevitably drops the case. I don’t even know what to say about the cops calling complainants and harassing them besides fuck them.


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The nypd patrol guide forbids employees from associating with groups that promote “hatred, oppression, or prejudice based on race, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, or disability.” The department’s rules also prohibit employees from associating with groups or people who are believed to be involved in criminal activity.