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We need context for this - because I am quite incredulous of the EU unanimously banning monility scooters when they can't even agree on major issues like border control, marriage rights and pricing standards.

And I'm an EU citizen and have seen people on mobility aides.


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I get it tho. The umpteenth time someone comes to me and just spews the same drama I'm going to tell them to politely f off.

If you're jealous but refuse to do anything about it, there's only so much sympathy I can offer before I tell you to either DO something to change your situation or leave me alone.

There's a difference between being a good friend and being an emotional dumping ground for someone who produces/invites drama.


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Hyacinths at Christmas? Might I ask whereabouts in the world you are? Here in Romania they're a decidedly spring thing.

We have a celebration here (and in Bulgaria, though I don't know their exact customs) on Mach 1st. Mărțișor. It's to celebrate the end of winter and women get gifted hyacynths, or snowdrops, alongside a two-strand silk thread of white and red. Winter and Life.


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The feeling of warmth and togetherness gets me.

The aesthetic of trees, lights, holly, and snow is pure bliss.

I know another year is over and I have spring to look forward to.

BING MF CROSBY (and I grew up in Romania, was born at the end of communism) and his fantastic voice.

And more recently I've turned to celebrating in a more pagan way - by hosting dinners on the Solstice.

I just love Christmas, I can't wait to put up my tree! (Putting it up early isn't really a thing here, I might set it up around the 20th, for reference).


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Your last sentence triggered a question: how low does a dose of something need to be for it to no longer be considered 'poisonous'.

Are there poisons that stop being poisonous on a molecular level?

And I'm considering 'actual' poisons such as arsenic, digitalis, etc. rather than overdoses of, say, opioids. (Me no science brain person, it's just a question)