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Personal experience: I've used cannabis for the past 8 years to help me sleep. Im currently on vacation in a country where it is illegal and unobtainable. Alternating between melatonin and histamine based sleep aids has worked well to help sleep. I took CBD oil and a bit of nicotine to help with withdrawal symptoms. By the third day I was fine, and I'm on day 15 of the trip with no noticeable withdrawal symptoms.


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I think your example of people eating unhealthy foods is pretty reductionist. There are a ton of other factors in play aside from "people are lazy and seek immediate gratification".

Off the top, I would say fast food is far more affordable than fresh fruit/vegetables and lean proteins in many countries, but especially in the US. In addition to affordability, I would say that most people living at or below the poverty line are work long hours/ multiple shitty minimum wage jobs, that don't offer health benefits packages or the freedom to do things like going to the gym on their lunch break.