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I fucking dread the highway every day now, you do not know what level of bullshit you're going to run into.

The other day I watched someone try to go between two cars by the Northbound Winooski exit because the guy was taking forever to pass. Dumbest shit I've seen in a while, thankfully nothing came from it. I get that it's annoying as fuck when people take absolutely forever to pass but it never justifies your dumb, dangerous, and selfish bullshit.


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It all depends on how fast you use it. It's fine if left out but the taste will change after long enough because mold does eventually grow in it. That being said the mold that does grow in it is nontoxic, it just makes it taste funky. So it's usually better to just refrigerate it.


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I've wanted to make this exact post so many times. Low beams today are brighter than high beams used to ever be a while ago and still so much high beaming for no reason.

So many people install mini suns(Bright white LED) in their cars and don't realize that the bright white ones need to be aimed down further than your normal yellow lights. Mix that with people who can't see at night and refuse to concede they shouldn't be driving and just keep their high beams on all the time.

The ones on the highway piss me off a lot too, just because we're a little further to the side doesn't make it okay to just high beam everyone, including people you're behind.


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It depends on the tree species but generally around 150-250 years or older.

>Hardwood forests of the eastern United States can develop old-growth characteristics in 150–500 years. In British Columbia, Canada, old growth is defined as 120 to 140 years of age in the interior of the province where fire is a frequent and natural occurrence. In British Columbia's coastal rainforests, old growth is defined as trees more than 250 years, with some trees reaching more than 1,000 years of age.[9] In Australia, eucalypt trees rarely exceed 350 years of age due to frequent fire disturbance.[10]



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So rereading this it even says

>other appropriate means so that at all times the dog can be prevented from causing any damage, disturbance or annoyance."

Which has its own sub section. So I was right, I even asked the town again. By voice control is absolutely fine.

Had a different conversation that made me think of this.


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Depends on the town as well, like Milton you don't need a leash, provided you have your dog under control.

For the people in the back, that means your dog is close to you and has a near perfect recall. Not is just friendly and will eventually will back..

>other appropriate means so that at all times the dog can be prevented from causing any damage, disturbance or annoyance."

Voice control is absolutely legal.