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Reading some comment on this Reddit make me worrying, but I always forgot that my He-400i 2020 is working like a charm after 3 years already. At 5-12h usage by day.I mean, I changed the ear pad and the stupid angled cable for a balanced cable(Fanta ) + Fio K3 v2.

Had plan to upgrade to a Sundana since my revenue allow it. Maybe am I going to hold on my gold Sample. I take really care of it lel. I even put it back in its box when I don't use it because I don't have a stand.


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With universal income, I will work better, doing something I love.Being able to afford rent and food (basic need) what ever happen is a mental tranquility that would give my brain the capacity to exit my bullshit job and doing something actually productive.

I could even go plant a several thousand of tree if I want, without risking everything and become homeless and inevitably throwing myself under a bridge, because it's extremely difficult to re-enter in society when you are homeless.


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Their are not handing anything, it's a band-aid solution to stay revelent against AMD. These E-core are the only reason why Intel stay competitive. But these E core are also responsible for their 300w consumption. Lol.

You can literally run 2 7950x for the power consumption of 1 13900k.
And the 7950x have a margin of error better performance in multicore application.


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You are likely not being able to live in these Utopia. Cause pretty much everyone is in need of Drama/People talk and debate/conflict. The end of the capitalism and Competition in every sector of the life.

A world of real peace is where these zero way for each individual to be in anykind of interaction with each other in short.

So in fact if hat kind of stuff happen, One of the main aspect of the humanity is gone so humanity dont exist anymore.

being Brain-chipsed for removing our Egos and primate instincts of revenge and our culture of justice. Borg are not human.