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I wasn't a fan of their later albums which had less screaming,. Chester had a fucking beautiful voice, but he also had some amazing metal screams on him, too.

That said, that's legit awesome for being just string. The stuff people can make images out of is awesome.


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> Seasons are shorter, so every episode exists to move the plot forward.

Which is the worst thing to do for a sitcom. Who tf watches a sitcom for 'the plot'? The entire 'plot' of the show should just be about the adventures/relationships between the characters. 99% of a sitcom like Friends, How I met Your Mother, The Office, etc, were all 'filler.'


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I remember watching season 8, and even when Arya killed the Night King, I was hyped as fuck solely due to the music. Ramin absolutely fucking killed it the entire series run. Even though the writing dropped the ball a few times over the series (And then yeeted it off a cliff in the final seasons), the music was always absolutely on point.


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Oh man, you got yourself one of the best sci-fi shows to exist a head of you. Some didn't like the last two seasons, but that's because they're based on the least interesting of the book series. Season 3 is my personal favorite, but the show in general is just amazing.

I'd also recommend the books, also amazing. And the books absolutely stick the landing on the ending, too.


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Haha absolutely!

"Once again the gods deign to shove cock in fucking ass!"

That said, I legit enjoyed both shows dialogue in general. Deadwood was eloquent as fuck, and profanity aside, I enjoyed the way Spartacus removed a lot of 'unnecessary' words and committed it for the show. Like Kevin's "“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick” style from The Office.


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> It was basically Bezos' private project.

I honestly never believed this. If it genuinely was, he would've continued it. Especially since the books fucking NAILED the ending. But I refuse to believe that Bezos was a massive fan of the series, otherwise he would've let it continue, especially after the series covered some of the slowest books (I love them all, but Babylon's Ashes was...not as faster paced as the rest of the series).