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As a j1 you will have 10-15% withheld in taxes (probably 10) and any state and local taxes (literally everywhere is different ). Your employer will the generate a w2 tax document for you to file a return in 2024(this will come in February) you then fill out a 1040 NREZ tax form .taxes forexpats has a good write up on the topic


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The difference is that Scotland was held by private individuals in massive estates . To help pay for those estates they raise sheep 🐑 on most of the land , or well off landowners kept large herds of deer (no predators because we killed them off due to eating livestock) for occasional hunting parties. It’s the same issue Israel has , to many herd animals eating every stick before it can get a foot tall. This is a fixable issue but without any incentive to change it will not happen


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1 the gas tax thing was actually Corbetts deal , he just made it start after he left . 2 for the psp issue wolf proposed alternatives to funding the psp but they get shot down by the repub house and senate, this year they paid more out of the general fund to keep them out of the gas tax funds


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It’s a Wawa you don’t need monster energy drinks and bags of Crisp to survive. There’s a marked difference between someone who walks into Payless and “ exchanges “ their old worn out sneakers with new ones and leaves vs the person who lifts a couple pair of Jordan’s from footlocker to resell later