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You do realize that Trump was a pathological liar don't you? Also Trump did nothing for you or the country unless you're in the top 1%. He also sold out our intelligence community to Crazy Vlad Putin in Helsinki, ripped off the country by forcing secret service and other govt. officials to stay at his hotels and inflated prices and also added $7 trillion to the national debt. Just to name a few. He also opened the door to elect other village idiots like Boebert, Greene and Soros into Congress. Soros is cut out of the same cloth as Trump and where do you think that lyingidiot Soros learned his lessons of constant lying from? Donald Trump!


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The really funny part is how many people who watch FOX, OAN or Newsmax actually believe what they are being told and are either too stupid or too ignorant to realize they are being lied to and conned at the same time!


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Not at all, the other networks don't get the facts correct all the time but they do it at a much higher rate than FOX, OAN and News Max who basically lie to their viewers at as close to 100% as they can get.


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What you want from MSM is factual reporting and you will never get 100% factual reporting from any of the major networks, but with that being said you have to look to those that present the facts at the highest level and the best at doing it are ABC, CBS, NBC and the worst are by far, FOX, OAN and News Max.


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This is a documentary where they never talked to anyone actually involved, it was basically ambush journalism at its finest. When Jean-Philippe Tremblay was asked if he ever tried to talk to any of the major players, proudly answered NO. He went on to say he had 93 minutes to get an alternative point of view across to the viewers and that is what he wanted to present and thought they did a good job of doing that.


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The main (major) problem with FOX news is it isn't based on fact, it is 90%+ conservative propaganda. All of their major contributors have a truthful rating in the single digits, that's not opinion but fact!


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Lot happened in rocketry over the last 50 years since Skylab, regarding de orbit burns. It's surprising that China seems to still be using the technology that was prevalent in the 60's and early 70's. I guess they haven't been able to figure out or steal the information needed to bring down their rockets or spent stages safely where they want or need to. Either that or they don't care where they come down.