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This has been a debate for a long time. Some music ensembles eschew a conductor. Generally, though, the value of a conductor lies in deciding on an interpretation of a piece -- it's not all on the page -- and in providing real-time feedback to the performers.


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They’re only saying what everyone already knows, though, aren’t they? Sure, they’ll feel better because they did something with their aggression, but it’s ritual. We know the message, we know how it’s going to play out, come Monday they won’t have brought the problems any closer to a solution. Pretty disruptive way to be a cliche.

On Friday, I had to undergo a painful medical procedure. On the way, there was a truck accident up ahead which meant that instead of getting to the clinic in 15 minutes, I was on the road for an hour and a half. During that unexpected delay, the painkiller I took for the procedure wore off. I had no more with me and the clinic had none to give me. So I underwent that painful procedure without the benefit of a painkiller. Now, that was due to a truck accident. If that delay had been due to a climate activist deciding I needed to be told that something needs to be done about our fucked-up climate, I would not be very sympathetic.


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I'm married to an ADD-PI woman. Not indifferent; rather, oblivious -- focussed on what's in front of her in the midst of all the noise in her head. When she realises she's missed something important, she's upset and tries to make things right. That's the prime difference between ADD and narcissism: narcissists never give a shit, ADD people are mortified when they realise what's happened.