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LPT: the saturated fat in chocolate is deleterious to your cardiovascular health, despite all these claims that chocolate is a health food. Skip the calories and saturated fat and go for cocoa powder instead.


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Assuming you live in the U.S., whenever you create something and put it in a permanent form it is automatically copyrighted.

The threat of the cease and desist is the catalyst for getting paid. You really are going to need to brush up on copyright law, however, because if it looks like you don't know what you're talking about, this whole thing will fail.

Your only other move is to grovel and beg them for money after the fact.

If you're hungry, there should be a number of food banks that will help you in your area.


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You probably won't get paid, but you can cease and desist them to stop using your copyrighted works. You can try to force their hand by offering them a cheaper option than replacing all that stuff by instead paying you for license to use them. I wouldn't get your hopes up; the food industry are notorious tightwads. In the future, get everything in writing and even try to get half up front, non-refundable.