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If your business can’t sustain a living wage with cost of living increases it shouldn’t exist, plain and simple truth. Also you seem to put too much emphasis on what someone like Tim Cook does when in reality any experienced, competent individual in the company could make similar good and bad decisions. CEOs aren’t bastions of only the best ideas. Many of them make decisions that get themselves fired or kill the company and they pull their multi-million golden parachutes at the regular workers expense.


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Does Tim Cook actually manufacture the phones? Engineer the phones? Sell the phones via retail? Does Bezos pick and sort packaging? Do customer service? Distribute the packages? No. The wealth of those companies should be distributed amongst the employees doing the real work with real productivity that actually makes the company valuable. One man doesn’t make the company work. Wages should be higher and each employee should have more vested shares in the company. One man doesn’t need half or more of the shares of the company and a large majority all of the wealth of its successes.