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Have a look at world war 1 vets and shell shock.

There are arguments that fighting in the past was mostly movements with occasional violent battles but they did not last long enough to cause the type of mental trauma associated with long term stress.


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There are a number of factors that may make it appear that big control movements don’t appear to do much (but they do).

First, our perspective is typically smaller vehicles, like cars. Turn the wheel on a car and it responds right away. The tires are also physically contacting th ground, so there is lots of friction to effect a course change. In the big planes, the plane is much heavier. On the order of 100 tonnnes, not two tonnes for a car. So there is far more momentum to effect. The pilot applies a correction with the control yoke. You see the yoke love. The control surfaces then move. The correction starts to take effect and the pilot neutralizes the yoke or puts in a different correction. Since the momentum is much larger, from a video you may not notice the movement of the plane much, but the pilot certainly does. Remember, since it is heavy it also takes a bit to start moving, so if you put in a correction at the exact moment you start to notice the plane needing a correction, you won’t need to keep the correction on for as long.

Big ships are exactly the same (hundreds to hundreds of thousands of tones). . It takes a lot to get it going off course, it also takes a lot to get it back on course. The best ship handlers notice the smallest deviation and correct for it right away. The amount of rudder may be large too, but it often does not need to be applied for very long if you caught it early enough.


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Is this further support for letting inflammation do it’s thing and NOT reducing it through the application of cold etc.? It seems to be lots of research coming out that suggests leaving the inflammation alone is best for the fastest healing.


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I’ve seen a lot of videos too. Some are amazing in their use of skillful rhetoric to paint seemingly realistic pictures of reality. However the proof is not there as the fact checking (as for by many of the replies to this post) show the premise to be without significant support.