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Well said, I’ve been clinically/severely depressed what now appears to be my entire life with ~15 of therapy, many medications, plenty of other attempts/ideas, and even today with my therapist I had a new ‘breakthrough’ or moment or tendril or whatever. It doesn’t stop, and you never know what another is wrestling with even during their greatest perceived successes. ‘It’s complicated’, well said


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I don’t think ‘facts’ means what you think it does in this situation. sure it’s going to happen, but it’s hard to talk out of one side of your mouth saying you want to help prevent and improve it and then also having kids knowing what we know is OK because, well, ‘I can afford it’ like you said. And that’s not even to say those living in situations currently will be safe or habitable in 10 years.

“Having a child is 7-times worse for the climate in CO2 emissions annually than the next 10 most discussed mitigants that individuals can do,”