FarHarbard t1_isvt9pc wrote

NTA She needs to understand that as a human family, there are certain standards that she needs to uphold in human society.

There's nothing wrong with being an Orc, but she needs to understand that it is inappropriate for anyone to lift you without your explicit consent. It isn't a problem unique to your situation. Orcs have a history of not understanding consent.

Why are you even hanging out with her family? The entire problem is too much orc culture, if you want her to act more human then you guys should be spending more time with your fanily anyways.

Maybe invite your families together for a big party? Introduce the orcs to eating utensils and napkins. If she has fewer of these barbaric influences in her own family, then she's more likely to remember how to behave in public.

>!This made my skin crawl but there were too many responses of "YTA: entirely sensible advice"!<