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You're going to be ok, just take some deep breathes before you launch into another unnecessarily long diatribe about how you always need to find the bad in the good rather than just be happy that at least we are transitioning to a world where we might have clean air and water eventually. What will you do then?


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I understand that. Holy shit. However, because cars are a thing (just like guns, which are horrible for society) and people very much like and want cars, we have cars. Move on. I FULLY support the idea of creating a massive, green, and functional public transport system. Call me when they get going on it, until then:

Are EV's better for the environment than traditional ICE cars?

Yes or No.


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Ok, so now you go and tell all the car manufacturers to create hydrogen fuel cell conversion kits for ICE cars. I'll wait here for 50 years while they figure it out.

I've been with dealerships since 2005. It's not a plausible scenario. We can't even get regular maintenance parts.

Ask these manufacturers if they want to pay to hold classes on tech training for this ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE undertaking you've suggested.

Then, convert all the gas station infrastructure to dispense hydrogen.

Bad faith argument? It's literally easier to just make EV's or make cars that are DESIGNED to run on hydrogen. This is the real world where progress must fight against stubbornness. Your idea looks great on paper but that's it.


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I didn't expect this to get even 50 up votes yet here we are.

First off, yes, EV's are ABSOLUTELY better for the planet in the long term over traditional ICE cars. Full stop. End of discussion.

Second, battery tech is improving constantly, and "cleaner" materials are already being used to manufacture these large EV batteries.

The EV market is here whether you like it or not. They are cleaner and require less maintenance (how many oil changes does the average car get? A LOT) than ICE cars, saving you money there as well as not having to stop at a gas station. Infrastructure for EV's is improving every day all over the world.

Dread it, run from it, EV's arrive all the same. They are inevitable.

I say this as a "car guy." I've worked in the auto service industry almost my entire professional life. It's changing, and if your state isn't adapting to these changes, you're already 2 steps behind. You can not fight it. It's here.


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Sorry if I'm coming off as hostile, its hard for me to try and have philosophical discussions about whether or not intelligent design is real when we've literally seen the cosmic microwave background of the observable universe while at the same time we've got religion taking away rights from women, because of the interpretation of a book. Is there any discussion to be had, really?


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Yeah, then the ones imagining a world that they think should be the last word on civilization stop at nothing to obtain power, all because of religion. Go ahead and keep telling yourself romantic fairy tales about religion. The hard truth is it deepens divides more than brings us together. We keep ourselves in echo chambers because our book seems better than others. It's just tribalism. It was necessary in our formative years but it's time to let the scientific and trial and error phase of humanity begin. Our potential as a species is incredible, perhaps limitless. The earth, if we truly loved and nurtured it, can easily sustain us until the sun turns in to a red giant and engulfs the planet in roughly 5 billion years. Maybe jesus or whoever will save us though, right?