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The human race exists because of programmed morality. My ENTIRE life, not a single member of my family, going back to my grandparents on both sides ever spent a single day in church. I don't need a god to tell me how to behave. I've got it covered. Religion came about to explain the things we couldn't explain ourselves, then it became a threat, used entirely to control.

Humans wrote these texts that say for us to be kind and good, because that's how normally functioning humans work on a regular day to day basis, by default. They were not given to us.

Religion should not govern in the 21st century. Full stop.


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I think that any opportunity we have to produce a sustained fusion reaction and rid ourselves of fossil fuels is worthwhile. Diversity in this field can only be a good thing. SPARC is a kind of tokamak correct? MIT usually has smart people working on things, im optimistic about fusion. Seems like the frequency of good news surrounding fusion tech has increased in the passed 10 years as well. Let's keep going. I'm a high school graduate so the highly technical discussions surrounding this is beyond me but articles like this one make it easier for me to understand where we're headed, and I love learning about this type of stuff.


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It's insane. It's like they want a complete up and running 9000% efficiency, world powering fusion reactor, or nothing. I don't understand why fusion breakthroughs get so much hate here. I posted this very tame and easy to understand article that shows both sides of the discussion to hopefully quell that type of talk but it hasnt helped. People just yelling about the headline without reading the article. People are chomping at the bit to just hate on it.


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Are you making assumptions about the viability of advancements based on tech you know nothing about? Seems like a bad bet. You also think that this type of advancement can't be used in conjunction with other fusion tech to provide power? Another bad bet. I'm so sorry you hate progress. Have a day.


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It's good to have realistic expectations, but I saw a lot of people shooting this breakthrough down right away. No, we will not have commercialized fusion power in 5 or 10 years but it's coming. I was surprised to learn that the facility is using somewhat outdated tech and am excited for more advancements and investments in the infrastructure of the facility, which is justified by this pretty big step forward.