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Sell them and buy something else? Lmao

But for a real answer, you could try a couple layers of various different things in front of the drivers (for example coffee filter, paper towel, old t-shirt, etc). If they have some sort of bass port you can experiment with covering it partially or fully. Can also experiment with adding sticky tack inside the cups or filling the rear volume with cotton or other fillers. Everything I've mentioned is easily reversible so you can experiment without worrying about permanently changing something.

Changing the pads for something deeper or covered in a different material can change the sound as well.


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Same could be said for headphones then. The way treble interacts with our inner ear varies from person to person.

There's nothing wrong with a little EQ to make the tonality of your headphones better match your preferences.

And my initial point was that it's not helpful to just say "don't use EQ" to someone that's asking if EQ can be damaging to headphones, hence why I asked "how is it relevant?".


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There's no reason not to EQ headphones though? Phase shift is less of an issue because headphones aren't "real" stereo (ie no crossfeed). On top of that most of us are using the aforementioned PC, Mac, or Android phone to drive our devices, so EQ is usually viable.