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If Adam wants to watch me spank one out to Waluigi hentai, but I know for a fact the CEO of Nestle is getting [politely made to pay for his crimes], I have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain here. On the average day, I don't break any laws. I don't need to.

An AI like Adam isn't going to drone strike me for speeding (if I did) or pirating music or something. But even if I got fined or something for it, to live in a world where the bad people actually pay? Fuck I would literally live on a farm tending ducks for the rest of my life, happy as a goddamn clam.


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You know, I'd agree with you. I really would.

Except CNN has video of a wheel bearing in the final stages of failure. Could brakes have prevented a crash in that instance? Probably not. Look up what happens when a bearing fails.

A failed bearing walks back to failed or missed maintenance, which leads back to the workers who were saying they were over worked and it was causing Safety risks. Had workers been allowed to force the railroads into, uh, safe working conditions, that maintenance likely would have been completed and this could have been prevented.

Alas, Bumblefuck knew better and now a huge area is ecologically ruined because of it.


Downvote away.

Here's a study from the UK that says a failed bearing can cause derailment.

And here, is Vox an undeniably left leaning site that's saying the likely cause of this was, you know, a bearing. New brakes would only work if your train was still attached to the track.

Lastly, here is Vice. Also an incredibly Left leaning publication. In this one, workers who claim to be familiar with the train in question say they're not shocked it crashed and also point out they now have 90 seconds to inspect each car. A train car is 55+ feet long. For perspective, before you type anything to me, go out and look at your personal car. Set a timer on your phone for 90 seconds. Try and inspect every safety feature on your car, including looking under it. See how long it takes you. Now imagine having to do both sides, of a vehicle 3 times longer in the same time period and tell me if you think the workers probably should have been allowed to strike for better conditions.


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It's California cancer.

They can no longer afford to live in the state they voted into the ground, they flee to somewhere (usually fiscally conservative) and vote for the same shit that ruined state one. Repeat. I mean fuck, I got an Instagram reel of 3 female roommates laying $6,000 a month for a 3 bedroom house. Imagine paying $2,000 a month to have two fucking roommates still and thinking "yep, I'm of sound mind to make economic decisions for everyone else."


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lmfao WHO WANTS AND NEEDS THEM? People who don't like or care about the way of life here and want to make New Hampshire like whatever congested shithole they're fleeing?

Manchester is it's own Metro area, dipshit. Connecting it to a larger one with more competition isn't going to improve conditions here, it's going to improve them for whoever we take the slack from.

Congratulations, you don't get it. That's what's already happening and yet, we're still not building affordable housing. Rents up the Coast of New Hampshire have sky rocketed the past two years to Boston rates. Manchester is getting there unless you want to live with either cockroaches, drugs or robbery. NO ONE IS BUILDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND TAKING AWAY THE HOUSING HERE FOR NEW PEOPLE WON'T MAGIC NEW HOUSING INTO EXISTENCE.


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We don't have enough fucking affordable housing as it is, allowing people to flee here for (what used to be) lower cost of living isn't going to help.

If we can't house the people in the state now, is an infrastructure project that doesn't really benefit us by providing an employment base and taxes to Assachusetts really seem like a fuckin' priority?


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"According to investigators, officers were initially called to a home on Varney Point Road just before 10 p.m. Sunday for reports of a resident armed with a knife."

All I had to read tbh.

We know nothing else.

Someone, sounds like a member of his household called this in, which means they felt unsafe.

Bad things happen, but they happen less often if you comply and sue later.


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I'm not a white knight. I'm not an Amazon cosplayer. And I am the farthest thing from a hero.

Nor do I care that the owner of the forest is a female. If she truly doesn't want help, I don't know where the forest is and I'm not going out of my way to find it.

The Leshy will have an interest in me. We have something in common. But if it kills me? It kills me. I've had a good run.


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And? There's a reason you only find things like this in little havens like yours. Humanity has evolved to the point where they're nuisances because we allow it. For the most part.

I'm no savior or godsend. Far from it.

It's not like she's an old one or something. She's like a crocodile. You let it live in the river behind your home and for the most part, it's just there. Doesn't affect your day to day. But then, one day it gets big enough that it does. Maybe it goes after you, your dog or... A kid. At which point it becomes a hazard and needs to be removed. Ideally that could be somewhere else, a relocation. But we both know that's not how this world works.

All of those questions are between me and the Leshy, thank you very much.


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I mean, in the event of a total shitstorm like Texas, using a small generator to power small heaters could save your life. But people with cpaps, O2 machines etc.? Idk, but I wouldn't trust the knock off version of anything keeping me breathing.

Just to run a fridge? Yeah, no worries at all. It works or it doesn't. Plus, keep a thermometer in there and as long as it stays under X, food should be fine.


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Is it the best?


Is it better than nothing?


Edit: Downvote away.

Harbor freight stuff is Russian roulette. It works until it doesn't. I've had their beater knives last for years and had tools break on the second use (yes they were used correctly).

As an emergency item, I'm not sure I'd use a Harbor freight generator unless I had literally no other choice simply because you don't cheap out on something that may save your life. In theory the better names are less likely to fail in an emergency. If it's all I could afford? Yes, I'd buy one and hope for the best. If I could afford the extra for a better name? That's what I'd go for.


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Doesn't always work, you miss and it can lock it's teeth in your calf and drag you down. Even if you hit, if it's a beefy dog, it can do the above. Remember. It's faster than you and not just a little bit.

Forearm, will hurt severely however it leaves you more mobile which is your only advantage.


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Their plows were up and he was literally almost bumper to bumper with the plow he was following.

I also drive like a grandma in the snow, so like, I wasn't trying to go up his ass. I saw them going for their exit and felt it safe to move.

Idk man. It was a safe move on my part, I would have been visible the entire time in his mirrors.


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I didn't tailgate.

I was entering the roundabout to take a 3rd exit. The plows passed, I gave them about 3 car lengths and entered the round about to the center lane. The plows were already changing lanes to their exit. If 3 car lengths is tailgating, apparently I'm even more of an asshole than I expected. I was genuinely only behind them for seconds as they were exiting and I was entering.