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Those are not equivalent arguments though. They have to change because the state of California said enough is enough. It would be like cops finally doing their job, because a vigilante is making them look bad.

The second one wouldn't be possible, he would be dead if the planet is uninhabitable.

My point stands they are doing this as PR and potentially bury the news about California. Before any other states decide to make them change their policies.


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I mean better late than never. Also the pressure is from California deciding enough was enough and the state government making their own for like $25-35 a bottle. So people could just buy from them. I could see California eventually setting up nationwide shipping.

I bet they are trying to bury that fact with their "sudden" altruism.


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Yep, ACLU took them to court and because of how they worded the law the court ruled that the state has defined any fetus of 6 weeks with a detectable 'heartbeat' as a 'person'.

That wording is how they tried to ban it, but in October last year the actual ban was repealed because Doctors proved to court that the law was too vague of when they could intervene. Along with the fact that when the law was passed Roe vs Wade was still in effect and thus the law was null and void due to being unconstitutional at the time of passing.


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Man if only there was an option to help in case of an accidental pregnancy, too bad that's space magic. Also it's not like this nation has gone through 4 once in a generation financial crisises in the last 30 years. Along with record inflation and wage stagnation.

Those parents should have realized 12 years ago that in 10 years a global pandemic would make basic goods go up over 50% for 2 years.


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The parents pay taxes that go to that program, so they are. Heaven forbid we spend taxes on children instead of checks notes military industrial complex or giving wall street another bail out or telling parents and doctors the state knows better about what medical treatment your children need.