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Yeah, but then another one comes along, says all the right things, momentum is lost, and you're back to square one. There is no getting out of the system, you participate or leave for a less secure area of the world. It's a losing battle. If you can't beat'm, join'm.


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You can forget about 20 years. I wouldn't even say 200 years. You'd have to start anew on a different planet. But let's say that we stick around here. You could set up production to automate. It wouldn't be one single robot, it would be multiple doing different tasks and coordinating with each other.


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In all seriousness, we'll never see this as a reality. Law makers don't want affordable housing. But, if we're moving to a point in time when AI is humanity's caregiver, why couldn't this happen? A centralized spot where resources are abundant could make it a reality.


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When I first got my license as a teen, I wonder if I could have told my parents that I got my ticket for dis-speeding (because I wasn't going as fast as I normally do) to make it seem like my ticket was for going slower than the speed limit.