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I'm such a jerk.

Not me. Me.

You know, the other me. My Boss.

Just because he's in a higher position he thinks he can be rude.

He thinks he's better than everyone, and he does badically nothing.

All the work in this damn company depends on me and my team.

But he always get the credits.

Hours and hours of overwork, just for him to complain and send us more work.

I hate that guy.

I wonder what a shitty life that version of me had to turn out as horrible as him.

Shitty life, shitty company, shitty person.

But oh well, work has to be done, after all. Someone has to get the job done.

I'll send this to that other little jerk on my team. He never gets the job done right.

Not only that, but he's always so slow. He can't ever finish anything on time.

I wonder what happened with that version of me that made him so incompetent.


Fepl31 t1_j9hw4ql wrote

Write a story of someone growing up. Or getting older.

But you have to keep time expressions to a minimum. ("3 years later", "now, as a teenager", or similar stuff, should be avoided.)

The idea is to make it "feel" like time is passing, but without explicitly saying that it is passing, or by how much.


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They will be back. Oh, they will.

They told us lies, all lies! And most people, fools, believed them.

Not me. Not us.

We, The Rebels, will stand strong. As the last survivors.

"Earth is not safe to live anymore."

"We have found another planet like ours."

"We can, and will, restart there. Come with us."


There is no such place like Earth.

Earth is Earth. Earth is Home.

But they are so blinded by their own little minds that they can't see it.

"Science", they say. Fools!

I'd rather stay. The planet is bad, but not as bad as they say.

We can live longer. We WILL live longer!

We don't need them.

They will fail.


Any time now...

They will hit The Dome...


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Erh... Not always... But sometimes, for sure.

Many cases are of people who are in a relationship where their partner doesn't give them enough freedom to talk to other people. Either by explicitly saying so, or by manipulating their feelings in a way that they feel bad if they talk to others.


Fepl31 t1_j6ksmv8 wrote

  • Where... Where am I?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • I'm... Not sure...

  • That's why it's so empty in here... Is there any place you like?

  • There's... The park... It's calm...

  • Oh, good choice. See the grass? The trees? The birds?

  • Wait... Is this real?...

  • What does "real" mean to you?

  • Am I dreaming?

  • In a way, you are. In a way, you are not.

  • ...

  • I think you know already what happened.

  • So... I'm not alive anymore?

  • In the way you're used to... No, you're not.

  • I see...

  • Surpised?

  • No... Just... Getting used to it...

  • Sure. Take your time. You'll have plenty of it now.

  • Who... Who are you?

  • Who do you want me to be?

  • Are you... God?...

  • Most humans call me that way.

  • And where are you?

  • On your right.


  • An old, bearded man? Well, I guess that's the most common impression of me. Oh, and sorry for the sudden appearence. I had to wait for you to choose how I would look.

  • Wait... So you don't look like that? How do you look like?

  • I don't "look" like anything, in the way you're used to. Even if I were to appear in your Universe, light wouldn't interact with me. Few things would.

  • So you look like... What I think of you?

  • Everything does, now.

  • So nothing's real...

  • Or everything is. In a way, this is more real than the life you just left.

  • So I imagine anything here and it just happens? It just appears on thin air?

  • Not exactly "air". But sure.

  • Seems like the perfect afterlife.

  • It is, if you want it to be.

  • It seems... A bit too perfect...

  • Too perfect to be real?

  • Yeah...

  • Look. I don't make the rules. You do.

  • You don't make the rules?

  • Not here. Think of it like... A game... I programmed it, but you choose how to play it.

  • So, what rules did you program into it?

  • Basically none. Or at least none you need to worry right now.

  • So what's the meaning? What does this achieve?

  • Philosophical thoughts already? That's nice to hear. See, this is so you get used to the idea of being here. And you can have a nice time while doing so.

  • A nice time? So there's no punishment for bad people?

  • No. No punishment or reward for being here. This is a common place for everyone. Punishment and reward are mostly something to happen in life.

  • I see... Weird to think it happens like that...

  • You'll get used to it.

  • So, can I see my deceased relatives?... I mean... Not a visual replica of them, but the real them?

  • Oh, them? No. They're not here anymore.

  • Oh, so they... Went somewhere else?

  • They were reborn.

  • Oh, so reincarnation?

  • That's it. But you can still interact with them. Or, exactly what they would do and say.

  • This feels... Less real...

  • Life on Earth itself isn't much different than this. It's just that you have less power there.

  • How would it be real? If I wanted my uncle to say what I wanted, would he?

  • Yes he would. But if you wanted your uncle to be your uncle, he would be.

  • Seems like too much power...

  • You'll get used to it. Back to the game analogy, some players like to play with cheat codes. Some like to play the game as it is. Some play both ways, depending on the day. I just gave you some cheat codes to play as you want to.

  • And then... I reincarnate?

  • When you're ready.

  • And that is...?

  • You'll know when it happens. But to be fair, you could reincarnate right now. I just feel like you don't want to, right now.

  • Yeah... I'm still... Absorbing it...

  • Take your time. Some reincarnate in a couple of days, others take a few thousand years. Either way, on Earth time, it's basically instant.

  • So reincarnation is instant?

  • Not really. You reincarnate in a time and place where you are needed. After it is your turn, at least.

  • So... I got time... Right?...

  • A bunch of it. You can do what you want with it.

  • Any ideas?

  • Oh, you humans do incredible stuff in this space. But in the first moments, some deal with regrets they had while living... Get the answers to any questions they had, even though they would forget it before reincaranating... Or they just... Have a nice time... Is there any place you would like to travel to?

  • Oh, a bunch of them... Just... Not right now... I'll stay in this park for a little longer...

  • Take your time.

  • Hey... Just another question... How do I know you're real? I mean... How do I know you're really here, talking to me? Instead of being something inside my own mind?

  • That's a good question... By the rules of the game, I guess you don't.

  • I see...

  • Does this bother you?

  • No, no... I mean... Kinda...

  • You'll get used to it.

  • Yeah...

  • Anything else?

  • Well... Just some time alone, for now... Can I have it?

  • Sure. Take your time. I'll be back when, and if, you need me.

  • Thanks... I'll enjoy the view, for now...

  • A sunset? Nice choice.

  • It felt... Fitting...

  • It is. Sunset, sunrise... The whole cycle. Not to mention it's a very nice thing to see.

  • It is...

  • Ok, so I'll be going now. Good night, I guess?

  • Good night... And thanks for everything.