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Most headphones rely on a varnished braid to keep the wire so small. If you’re replacing with something else, be mindful of cable thickness. It might look heavier gauge copper but will probably just be more insulation (not needed)

You will be adding a lot of bulk to the mix

Fyi you won’t see a real difference in audio quality, the power transmission on headphones is super small. The reason headphones sound like headphones is that they generally don’t have active drivers, and the speaker itself is small

Higher quality solder isn’t really a thing (rohs is somewhat prone to cracking but probably not what you’ve got)


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Unfortunately, not really. I have had a bit of luck one time mashing a screwdriver in there and wiggling it around about… plastic handle only…

That was a weird case where the mechanism was intact but the housing was cracked so the parts weren’t making contact