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You may want to check other parts of the heating equation if you think your expenses are too high. Insulation, boiler maintenance, boiler size(may be able to downfire an oversized boiler).

If your boiler is at the end of its life it could be worth switching but if you just switch because "oil costs" you will take a very long time to break even and if you have insulation issues it may end up costing near the same in gas per month.


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Based on your replies you would be better served with pepper spray or a firearm. Depending on what someone is wearing a taser may not even make contact. You don't seem to have much confidence in anything physical so I assume you dont mean a handheld contact stun gun,you need to be too close to use it and it also may not stop an attacker without good contact. No matter what you get try and practice with it and don't tell anyone you carry it so nobody can prepare.


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I suggest you try rolling your windows down and removing the fuse for power windows. According to the wording of the law (sec G #4) it should probably pass. I would bet some inspectors won't agree but by the letter of the law you don't need to have front windows to pass.

Another option would be removing the glass entirely then putting it back after inspection.It may cost less than removing the tint and reapplying if that's what you were thinking of doing.


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Same, ive used it a ton and never really had a problem. They have always been very nice on the phone. Call at least 24 hours before your pickip day,if you are a Monday pickup you need to call before noon on the Friday before.

If someone grabs it when you put it out and you have a chance don't forget to cancel, they'll have more time to actually pick stuff up instead of driving by your house for no reason.