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I’ve never been an angry shake-my-fist kind of idiot when it came to taxes. I live in a society and societies aren’t free. We all want to go tax-free and lean into subsistence’s homesteading? Great — until we’re invaded and are subject to authoritarian rule and now we have no dollars. Lol. Not a single American doesn’t benefit from tax-funded infrastructure, education and defense.

I just wish we’d better address the wasteful spending and maximize the punch my tax dollars make. There’s plenty of arguments that are legitimate when it comes to the bullshit that our money goes to.


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I’m not a fan of overdevelopment — specifically destroying green or wooded areas to put up houses that most people in that area can’t afford — but I don’t see the problem with this? They don’t like apartments? Let’s call them “medium term condos” or something.


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Ill be honest. I was being a bit facetious. I’m actually already union and we see way larger performance-driven raises than what you lay out. This year it was 9%. In my experience the union is a matter of protection against stagnant wages, with the types of raises you’ve shown to be for the lowest performing members.

It could also be that your union blows goats. They are not all equal. Maybe run for the next election?


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From my own union experiences, this is probably the biggest over-simplification that anti-union propagandists put out there. At both UFCW and USW, termination for performance was not uncommon. Is it harder than non-unionized? Probably so, in most cases. But I’ve never seen why that’s a bad thing.


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It’s not something that’s going to really matter, in the end. And we will only see exceptional, fleeting cases. So who cares? Let em make a few bucks. Most high school athletes don’t have the luxury free time to work in high school (at least I didn’t). Plus we monetize everything anyway and we will continue to do so until our society crumbles away.