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It's not necessarily about the scientists it's about having the voice (or paying for it) to push it in the public or out of the public.

You can be right as much as you want but if you'll get big money after you because of where your right about some single voices at best won't get heard.


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In addition what made the while thing worse is that the financial system partly fulfills a critical role for the rest of society (like water, electricity, Internet). As a result when the rot was spread it became everyone's problem. Sadly nothing fundamental got done to isolate the infrastructural role of the financial sector from the high risk greedyness part, so a future case, maybe with a different financial invention can lead to the same fallout.


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Depends on where you die off, not everything Waked you up or hurts. Many ways of daying include lost consciousness anyway even if you're awake think of monooxide poisoning for example.