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Identity politics is particular groups of people adhering to a set political party.

For example Evangelical Christians adopting Republican policy as part of their identity.

Your OP essentially stated that Democrats picked her because black people are stereotyped as having Democrat identity politics.

You literally have no clue what you're even saying.


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lol, why do you think they're all so adamant about abolishing property taxes? Ties right back to why Republicans spread propaganda against public schools. A lot of states fund public schools via property taxes. They want to kill off public schools for private charters to both unload property taxes and have their rich buddies make profit, AND pump out more idiot 'poors' that'll vote against their own interests driven by propaganda, fear, and racism because they have absolutely no education to counter it.


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The rich Republicans don't fall for it. As you said, it's exactly what they want. They send their kids to top end prep/boarding schools, and pay for top tier tutors.

The poor Republicans are complete morons that fall for it, hook line and sinker, via the reasons above so that culture war bullshit propagated by OWN, FoxNews, and Breitbart propaganda networks keeps the good times rolling.

Rich people need the "have nots" in order for out of control Capitalism to keep working.


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Oh Shapiro can dictate what happens in Ohio now? Gee golly, it seems those wacky Democrats are always so sneaky and powerful, and at the same time somehow weak and limp wristed...

Shapiro is powerful enough to control Ohio, but too weak to do it correctly? Is that what you're saying?


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>Hillary and every other dem said there was voter fraud

Clinton conceded the same night... what are you even talking about?

Election interference by Russia ie a manipulation scheme is not the same thing as straight up changing ballots. Russia absolutely influenced a propaganda campaign to get Trump installed. That is fact based on the Muller report. Trumps team worked with Russia.


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Jimmy Carter was an average Joe. Great guy, inept when it came to knowing how to navigate the Washington scum. I want more like Clinton and Obama in office.

It's such a shame that Hilary Clinton lost 2016. This country would have been so much better off economically and perhaps COvid would have not been as bad globally with a competent US lead.