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> they just choose not to eat it

I do get your sentiment but consider that for a lot of people it's not choice, they simply can't afford those more expensive foods.

For example bison meat where I live is about $10USD per lb. If you're trying to feed a family of 4 on a budget, ground beef at less than half that price looks a lot better.


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Reply to A/C Vent Clean by Frankeex

Is that not a thumbscrew on the left for removing the grille? Or yes it is, but the wood frame blocks removal?

If it can't come out, and vacuuming doesn't work, you could blast it with compressed air. It for sure will make a mess, and you'll have to clean your filter after, but it should work.

Unless that is greasy dust that sticks onto the surface then I think you're looking at using a damp cloth (or toothbrush like Mysterious-Ad7019 mentioned) and going 1 by 1 to clean them out.


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Reply to comment by m3003 in $4 fentanyl magazine by Expensive-Register71

Sorry that was badly worded. I meant the title made it seem like OP was intentionally passing it off as actually saying $4 Fentanyl. After their replies though I think this was just a slightly confusing title.

Oh and yeah, I've seen newspapers in real life. I was alive pre-internet. lol ;)


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Alright I'm not gonna give you more of a hard time about it, it had just seemed like it was intentionally done (edit: by OP to get karma). I get where you're coming from tho so benefit of the doubt to you bud.

Post title prob would have been straight with something like "the way this paper came in folded makes it look like a $4 fentanyl ad"


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I think another factor that could quickly see bot deliveries surpass "gig" food delivery like Door Dash or Uber Eats is that there are many people that distrust such services.

I don't use services like this whereas I will use delivery service by a restaurant-employed driver. There's a difference in the level of trust between the pizza driver that works for the actual pizza place and 3rd party person/service.