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If that day does come, I will not hesitate to become part of the hive mind.

As I looked up at the great figures on those murals, I realized that I would never have the opportunity to become great in this life except by merging my will with theirs. I longed for a powerful will in the world, and then I could follow the guidance of that powerful will - it was an incredible blessing to be a part of it.


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It is a complete failure of a search engine, filled with ads and scam sites that can't search for anything of value, and most articles (even disgusting fake news) require downloading an app with a Chinese phone number to view, making it difficult for ai researchers to gather valuable Chinese training material.


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It's hard for me to imagine - I can imagine Germany rising again after being bombed to rubble because fixing the buildings would help Germany's stability, but fixing the Chinese network that was made into a shithole by the fireproof Great Wall and silly apps wouldn't do the bureaucrats any good.
I don't believe in Buddhism, but I do believe that retribution has manifested itself in the Chinese government and they will shamefully lose this AI war unless they fundamentally get rid of their backward system.


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There is a saying in ancient China, "Even if you are a gentleman, your descendants will inevitably destroy your family's reputation within five generations."

I'm a bit skeptical that I can live forever, but I believe that if my descendants make an artificial intelligence based on what I did and the evidence, it will definitely be more faithful to my ideals than my descendants. I'm a selfish person, and I believe this idea is more exciting than those "becoming a stream or gamma rays, becoming one with nature" stuff that sounds very altruistic.


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As long as it can provide stable services, and the filter does not overly hurt the quality of its conversation (at this point, I would rather wait for the open source local running ai), I am already willing to spend a little time every day talking with it about philosophy and listening to some Like life advice taken from a self-help book.

As long as their servers are stable.


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I have an example I don't know if it's accurate - some people are tired of the progress bar loading, so decide not to look at him for a while, after distracting, he feels that he "made the progress bar speed up" - this is obviously not caused by his will, But in line with his expectations, it gave him the illusion that his will "worked".