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No matter what if water is pooling then it's a low point. Remembers that it needs to slope downward on two planes; from back to front and from right to left (towards whichever side the gutter is on). Other people in the thread were correct about the corner joints leaking. I would seal those up again to be sure. To change the slope you should be able to unscrew it from the fascia and screw it back in. If it uses long aluminum nails then you'll have to reposition those.


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If only there were a way to quantify how many actual crashes it detects vs the number of lives it costs on false positives. If only that were data that were able to be collected. What a cruel world we live in. Do you know how many 911 calls are lonely people or non-emergencies that are mental health related? A metric fuckton so the iPhone take is a bit....


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The one in between the red marks? On a load bearing wall? Nope. In my humblest of opinions. I'll tell you what I would do, though I'm just a dude online. A. you can remove the middle 2x4 without any ramifications. Or B. I would use my jack posts if you own them and jack up the ceiling briefly to hold the weight. Then I would extend the header to the full width of the wall with two 2x8s instead of two 2x6s using the same amount of jack and king studs. The width wouldn't justify more unless you live in the north and it's the bottom floor and you expect massive snow. In which case, you're gonna have to do some math probably, but it should be fine. I can send a pic of a seven foot header I just put into my house on the top floor on a truss built house. Two 2x10's. No sagging, works great but I live in the south so no snow.


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I opened the comment that was below threshold because of your name and found a hidden truth. Upvotes to you, brother. I'm super liberal, I just like your name. Don't be weird.