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These articles about ships being automated are just dumb. Driving the ship isn't the hard part. The maintenance is the hard part. You can reduce the watch to just 3 people. It should be more than 3. They should do almost nothing but they should be there. The maintenance staff is vital to keeping these ships operating in the long term.

We should do a better job of building things on the continents they're used on.


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As long as you're willing to get paid the wholesale rate of electricity. I sort of agree with you.

The truth is the transformers that leads to your home can't handle as much as you think. That's why you see sometimes in posts that people can't turn on their newly installed solar until they get a new transformer.

When a solar farm is built, they pay for the lines & transformers to bring that power to market. So are you willing to pay for a new line & transformer? And also still get paid wholesale rates for generation.


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There is no land use problem for solar. 45% of all acres of corn is in use for Ethanol. We'd need 7.5% of all corn acres for 10,000 sq miles of solar. If you want to blame high food prices on anything, blame ethanol. Lets be honest, you wouldn't put all the solar in the midwest and there is plenty of desert land in the west to power the left 1/3 of the USA.


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