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They could just tell eon and rwe to shut up and take the loss or subsidize it. But nooo. Gotta squeeze some more cash out of the poorest citizens.

If you have any kind of 'living comfortable' money you have solar panels or some other renewable energy thing going for your home anyway and probably laugh about the peons considering if they really need to run the washing machine again.


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So how do we get all that energy from spain back to germany without losing like 30-50% to transporting it back?

Solar might not be the best option for germany, but it would help if conservative parties like the csu would drop their ridiculous rules like 'the distance from a wind turbine to the nearest settlement needs to be its height times 10'. It's the same people who get drunk on the oktoberfest with people from all over the world, puke everywhere in the city and trains and then oppose cannabis legalization with big publicity because they do not want drug tourism. Thank god these idiots are slowly dying.