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I have a serious question, so I heard some scientist on BBC radio a few years back saying that the rise in sea levels does not equate to the amount of new water made by melted ice. He went on to say that the weight of the extra water actually pushes down on the seabed effectively making space for itself to a degree, he estimated that the actual rise in sea level was only going to be something like 2 feet which he went on to say would still be catastrophic for many people. Was he right?


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Yet again the governments inept understanding and funding of mental health care rears it's ugly head.

Most of all the horror stories we see in the news had an opportunity to have been addressed earlier but GP's can't do much in their 10miin time slot per patient and simply dish out 'anti-depressants' which in some people with mental health issues cause a feeling of disassociation, where nothing is real anymore like it's all a dream and nothing has any real consequence.

Funding into mens clubs might also help, like places men that have issues can meet other dudes to hang out with and talk shit out. It used to be called the pub BUT who the hell can afford to hang around there at £4.50 a pint these days??