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In my case, I don't pay into it, nor am I eligible to receive it. Some weird thing about our union contract and how it has to be negotiated. That being said, I have forgone and put off procedures needed until I get my vacation time. Like I need knee surgery and have pushed it out to September when I get my vacation time. I get it in August, but there no appointments then. Mainly because I can't afford not to get paid for the 6 or 7 weeks of rehab after the surgery. So, in the meantime, I work as much over time as I can as my vacation hours are based on the amount of hours worked per year. Which may cause further damage to the knee.


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So I had solar panels installed in March of last year. It has worked out well so far. The catch is that you only make interest-only payments for the first year. Then you have principal plus interest for the next 10. Not a bad deal. My installation cost around 25k. And you should have a North/South facing roof as the south side would be facing the sun for 90% of the day unless you have trees around your house. I ran AC most of the summer and was still able to get enough credit so that I had the minimum $8 charge from May thru December. My first bill after installing was around $45 whereas my usual electric bill was about $125. This was April last year. My highest bill so far after the installation was $48 in January.