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I worked with mountain lions in California.

A major problem is humans in rural areas killing them on site and burying their remnants to hide it. The killing often was not invoked by livestock death either.

We found many mountain lions in livestock areas. We would then check to see if there were any losses if livestock with land owners without them knowing a lion was present. A large majority did not have unaccounted animals. Yet, a very large majority would become quite upset when they found out there was a mountain lion present even though they were not seeing losses.

It seems it's often immediately presumed by many ranchers that mountain lions are the biggest adversity they face even though our data didn't show that. It seems there is a bias mindset involved that leads to excessive death in rural areas sadly.


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I suspect you could.

However, while a lysate is different, co-infections don't always have an additive effect when it comes to the immune system. One infection can actually dampen another. It could be quite different with inactive antigens though.

Injecting that many different antigens could also cause immune system derangement ending in autoimmunity &/or cancer escape.

Lastly, from a data collection stand point, trying to figure out which lysate/antigen causes high adverse reactions in a mix would be much harder than collecting data on individual types.

This would all have to be tested of course to gain any knowledge on the manner; it is just what came across my head.


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Thank you for sharing.

Taking it a step further, panels of common bacteria could be displayed to a sample of the patient's immune system. We could figure out which elicit the strongest response. Then use the antigens for tumor injection.

What they have done in the paper is a phenomenal idea and so simple.


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It's due to the antigen of poison oak distracting your immune system. These immune cells are distracted impeding the psoriasis.

If it works for you, it could be used in a medicinal way.


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Yeah viruses are really nasty. Some will yes to protect their host which is really cool. Look up the term virovore. It is really cool and I think the next breakthrough in antivirals.


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An amazingly large portion of cancer, autoimmunity (diabetes 1, arthritis, MS, ect), and neurodegenerative diseases are linked to viruses.

Some of this is also linked to bacteria as well. However, it actually seems viruses may be the worse of the two.


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My friend ate shrooms and gained his back. Sounds crazy but there are studies showing psilocybin can rewire the brain. It can also greatly reduce neuroinflammation as well.

I would read a lot before attempting it though. It's not something you just jump into.