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BMW is fine if you take care of it as intended. You can’t drive it around with the dash lit up like a Christmas tree like you can with a Japanese car. Also depending on how you drive diesel may be more reliable for you. If you do a regular weekly or twice weekly 40 min freeway run you’d fit the bill for diesel. Diesel engines are more liable. If you intend to run around town with it then diesel is not for you. Also if you can do your own wrenching a lot of the repairs aren’t too bad. You can also hang around the FB forums and get to know local home garage enthusiasts who can help you with some repairs. The dealer is a rip off. But the performance and drive feel of a BMW is much better than most other cars. You have to drive them to understand.


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I wonder if he still pounds the pavement every morning. I remember they made a big deal of his jogging every day when he was in office. I don't recall Obama doing much jogging, but Clinton also did a lot of jogging while in office.