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Totally agree. You make what the market demands. If they can stand on their own without a hazy IPA, good for them. I know Purgatory broke down and tried to brew one, outside their wheelhouse and it wasn't great, but there must have been demand. There's a reason why most of the locals have multiple IPA and PA variants, which tend to just be light IPAs. They're popular and people are willing to spend money on them.


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Reply to Storm by oldladyri

Milk and bread have been acquired. I can make all the French toast if we have no power. I'm going to try to not drink all my beer tonight.


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Yeah, with all the multi-lane turns in RI, you're gonna need a better diagram. The goal is to stay in the lane you started from. I don't know how many times I've pulled out of the Chapel View plaza and people think they're in the right to turn into me in the middle lane as both lanes turn left.